How to adjust screen brightness on pc windows 7

I cannot adjust my screen brightness on Samsung laptop OS windows 7 professional though I used to do it recentl. When I searched for it. I found that some direction tells that I night need to update the driver installed for the Light Sensor so when I tried, I coudn't even as well turn on my windows update.

Some users are reporting being unable to modify the screen brightness on Windows 10 after applying an update or after upgrading from an older Windows version.

How to Control the Brightness of Your Computer With ...

4 Ways To Adjust Screen Brightness In Windows 10 Use settings to adjust screen brightness in Windows 10. This is the best way to adjust the correct screen display brightness as you can increase or reduce the brightness one percent at a time. Step 1: Open Settings by clicking on its icon in the left side of the Start menu. Step 2: At the home page of Settings, click System. How To Manually Adjust Screen Brightness In Windows 10 In this guide, we will see how to manually and accurately adjust screen brightness using the classic screen brightness adjuster in Windows 10. Screen brightness on Windows 10 devices Almost all notebooks out there include dedicated keys to adjust screen brightness. How to Change Brightness on Windows 10 - How to adjust brightness on windows 10 can be done by increasing or reducing the brightness one percent at a time. As initial step open settings by pressing on its icon that is on the Start menu. Here at the home page of Settings, tap System . Adjust Brightness and Contrast on Windows 10 Desktop